RLS Relief Product Buyer’s Guide (updated July 2024)

NutriPurity Rested Legs Review

This review examines a product called NutriPurity Rested Legs. This product claims you will get fast relief for your restless legs, sleep great all night long and feel refreshed all day. But can you count on the ingredients in this formula to follow through on these claims? We set out to analyze this NutriPurity Rested Legs to find out what you can expect from this product.

The first thing we noticed was the presence of iron which is excellent as many times RLS can be caused by an iron deficiency. That was a positive sign for this formula. 

The next thing we noted was Magnesium. Again, this is something we look for, however, there is only one type of Magnesium found here. While Magnesium Aspartate can aid muscle spasms, we would have preferred to see different types of Magnesium. Additionally, there is only 100 mg of Magnesium in this product. There is four times this amount found in the Editor’s Choice product.

Another aspect of this product is the presence of Vitamin B9, also known as Folic Acid. B Vitamins are known to reduce RLS symptoms and we were pleased to see one B Vitamin here. However, it would be better to have more B Vitamins here. We also would have expected to see more Vitamins such as Vitamins C, D and E to help manage challenging symptoms of restless legs. Sadly, they have been omitted from this product. 

Additionally, we did not find L-theanine in this formula. It is unfortunate that many products do not include this amino acid as it is crucial for improving sleep quality and reducing tension.

We were pleased to note that there is a hefty dose of calming herbs. Specifically, Valerian and Chamomile are used in this formula to relieve muscle spasms. There are some notable herbs that are not included here, such as Lemon Balm and Lavender, but we also like the ones that are included here.

This product is relatively cheap but if you are looking for long-term RLS relief, this may not be a great option as they don’t offer any sort of discounts for multiple purchases. Larger, more established companies usually will offer bulk discounts to try and garner loyalty in their client base.

Where this product fails to impress us is their money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the result. While there is one, it is only within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, it requires pre-authorization and must be returned within 14 days of authorization. This is upsetting because it can take a month for some consumers to actually see results. Is the manufacturer assuming that after a month this product won’t work? It’s unclear and leaves us uneasy as to what we can expect.  We are left feeling slightly disappointed in this product, to say the least. 

Is NutriPurity Rested Legs Effective?

Because of the extremely short time period for their money-back guarantee, we needed to check customer reviews to ascertain the chances of this product working within the first few weeks of using it. What we found was a large discrepancy between the customer reviews on the product site and those found on Amazon.

The reviews on the NurtiPurity Rested Legs site are all positive while those found on Amazon seem to be a bit more genuine. There is a mix of positive and negative reviews. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of negative reviews most of which state that this product does not work. It’s disheartening to read review after review stating the same thing but it is up to each individual to decide for themselves if they are willing to try this product. 

Is NutriPurity Rested Legs Safe?

As with any new supplement or diet introduced into your daily life, we always advise talking to your healthcare professional about possible contraindications of any pre-existing medical conditions or medications that you are taking. Supplements work differently for everyone and the effects vary between individuals so it is always a good idea to run any health changes with a professional.


At first, NutriPurity Rested Legs appeared to have most of the qualities we look for in an RLS supplement because it includes key ingredients in its formula such as Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), Valerian and Chamomile. However, upon closer inspection, we found many ingredients to be lacking which makes us hesitant to fully recommend this product. 

  • There is only one type of Magnesium found in these capsules and it is a very low dose. 
  • There is only one B Vitamin, Folic Acid, as opposed to many different types of B Vitamins for maximum RLS relief.
  • There are only two herbs, Valerian and Chamomile, some products contain up to four herbs for stress relief. 
  • There isn’t any L-theanine for improved sleep.   

Additionally, there is no absorption agent, such as black pepper extract, to ensure that this supplement is absorbed properly and effectively into the body.  

If we could turn to a solid money-back guarantee, we would have felt better about NutriPurity Rested Legs. However, it is only for 30 days and is only valid with pre-approval. When a manufacturer truly believes that their product will work, they offer a real money-back guarantee. Our other product reviewed, Restlex, has one for 60 days with the option of returning open and empty bottles. For us, that says it all.  

What You’ll Discover:

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Top 6 Items to Consider:

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  4. Company’s Reputation
  5. Consumer Reviews
  6. Return Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee

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